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STG FolderPrint Plus – Review

STG FolderPrint Plus makes it easy to create directory reports – and has powerful features. It has a lot of options for the reports, including: including all folders inside the report. extra columns such as size, date, author, album. file type images. View files inside ZIP files. Filter for size, dates, file types and names. […]

Directory Report screenshot

Directory Report

Directory Report makes it easy to print directories. It also has  plenty of extra functions, such as finding duplicate files, synchronize and comparing folders, as well as several other reports. You also have several filters available. You also get some disk usage functions, such as finding largest directories and files.

Karen's Directory Printer

Karen’s Directory Printer

Karen’s Directory Printer is an old but functional program to print directories. It can also save directories to disk using a simple text format. You can select many fields to include when you print, such as dates, file versions and hashes. Some other features: – sort on any field – search into sub-folders – highlight certain […]